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Silk Painting and Textile Arts have been Jill Kennedy’s Professional life for over 40 years. Jill’s early textile art work included Batik and Screen printing, however she discovered a joy and passion for silk painting while living in Belgium.  Since then she has become a world-renowned leader in silk paint techniques with thousands of students around the world learning from her online workshops moving on to develop their own unique silk painting style.

Over the years Jill has published five books and produced 3 DVD’s related to Silk Painting textile arts.  She has taught private workshops and at trade events both in the United Kingdom where she lives and internationally.

Jill specializes in resist techniques on silk. Her work includes pictures, scarves, sarongs, kimonos, fabric lengths and a variety of wall hangings. Jill’s design themes are mostly inspired by natural themes.


Silk Painting & Textile / Mixed Media Artist

Online Silk Painting Workshop

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Silk Painting with Jill Kennedy - Enroll Today!

Jill’s expansive workshop “Silk Painting with Jill Kennedy” is available 24/7 for online viewing, download and DVD from Galli Creative.

Silk Painted Scarves and Textiles by Jill Kennedy

Jill Kennedy has been Silk Painting for more than 40 years. Her inspiration comes from photographs, nature, and travel.  Enjoy a gallery of some of her work.

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Silk Painting Clubs & Associations

Here are a few silk painting associations you may want to join or visit their Facebook page.  Lots of inspirational imagery, meetings and gatherings.

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Silk Painting Books & Videos by Jill Kennedy

  • Jill Kennedy’s Introduction to Silk Painting (Self Published)
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about Fabric Painting by Jill Kennedy and Jane Varrall (Batsford Press)
  • Silk Painting: New Ideas and Textures by Jill Kennedy and Jane Varrall (Batsford Press)
  • Silk Painting Techniques and Ideas by Jill Kennedy and Jane Varrall (Batsford Press)
  • Painting on Silk by Jill Kennedy and Jane Varrall (Dryad Press)
  • Silk Painting with Jill Kennedy by Jill Kennedy and Andrew Galli (Galli Creative)